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No matter the location or the problem, we are here to provide all of your electrical solutions


Whether you need a light switch installed, or an entire room rewired, rest assure that our team of experts can handle a job of any size. We are capable of handling all types of electrical work including troubleshooting existing electrical wiring, appliance repairs, lighting repairs, fixing outlets and switches, providing emergency electrical repair work and much more for our residential clients.


While at your residence or place of business, the Live Wire team can provide you with a safety check free of charge. Being able to feel comfortable is a quality we want all of our clients to have and enjoy. A simple checkup is all you need to avoid losing sleep over possible electrical hazards.


Our Live Wire technicians will treat your home, or business, with the utmost respect. This means no worries about cleaning up after us. We ensure that no mess will be left behind. We are there to strictly to take care of your electrical needs as delicately as possible.


Want a price estimate before we arrive on site? This will never be an issue with Live Wire. Our team of experts will provide you with an over the phone estimate. If we arrive, and the job turns out to be less, it will be adjusted on the spot. If the job needs more work than we had predicted, our technician and office staff will be sure to make you aware before continuing any further. Great communication throughout our services will ensure that you will never receive a surprise bill from Live Wire.

Our staff of electricians will always be on time, arrive with a friendly face and be ready and willing to give you the best service possible. An added bonus is the warranty they provide on all repairs!

REST EASY. You are selecting one of New York City's best!

Being one of the few triple certified, quality endorsed companies means you can rest easy without any hesitation. Our certifications guarantee we will always deliver the service you expect and want. Our business is structured in a way that ensures you are always receiving the best service that can be found citywide or nationwide!



We have implemented an automated email system that will remind you when areas of your business are due for maintenance. This takes the worry away from your mind and lets you know that you have no risk of a simple moment of forgetfulness leading to any serious problems or emergency repairs.

24/7 - 365

All of our electricians are available for support 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. If your emergency takes place outside of normal business hours we have put in place a toll free number that allows you to directly get in touch with electricians that are on call and ready to service you immediately.


We guarantee that during those emergency moments, our system can have an electrician to you in no more than 2 hours. With Live Wire, you'll never be left in the dark.


With partnerships that reside in every state nationwide, we can provide you with service that is consistent and organized. This comes in handy especially if you own different businesses in different parts of the country but want your service and communication to remain the same.

Friendly faces in the form of master electricians.

It’s not enough for us to ensure all of our electricians are experts in the field and qualified to handle any job or problem. We also want to make our clients feel comfortable that their electrician will be extremely helped, able to communicate in a polite and friendly way, and all in all become that friendly face you welcome into your job or home during any time of service.



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